A race with a lot
of history

The “12th Gran Canaria ‘Mayor Camilo Sánchez Memorial’ Half Marathon” is a race packed with history.

The race has more than 10 editions, however, the previous editions of the race, which were held in non-consecutive years in some cases, have become an important part of the history of athletics in Gran Canaria.

The first “Mayor Camilo Sánchez Half Marathon” took place in Santa Lucía in 2001, starting from the municipal offices.

A race consolidated with
a successful second edition

The race was organized by the President of the Veteran Athletes of Las Palmas under the name “Gran Canaria Half Marathon” and it benefitted from significant support from the company Persianas Juan Suárez.

The “Gran Canaria Half Marathon” was held once more in 2002, with a circuit previously approved by the Spanish Royal Federation of Athletics

Renowned runners

Antonio Peña, Spanish Marathon champion 1997, who was pointed out as to be the next great Spanish marathon runner (2:11:35 in 1992), and Teresa Linares, runner in the 1992 summer Olympics in Barcelona, took part in this race.

In 2003, the French runner Chantal Dällenbach, winner of the world second place of the ½ Marathon in 1996 – ranking among the 40 best in the world in the Marathon that year – took part in this third edition of the event.

The tenth edition
changed everything

In the tenth edition of 2016, Ina Pérez and Miguel Martel, two of the most emblematic figures in the history of athletics and mountain races in the Canary Islands, took part in the race.

Ina Pérez has lost count of the number of races she has run in. Ronda’s 101-km Race, the Seville Marathon, the Half Marathon of the Pyrenees, many editions of the Transgrancanaria since its beginnings (crossing the island of Gran Canaria from east to west) are only a few examples of running events she took part in.

Miguel Martel has been an established runner for 44 years. He cannot imagine life without running. He has completed no less than 66 asphalt marathons, 12 mountain marathons, 127 half marathons and has also finished seven editions of the emblematic Transgrancanaria since its beginnings.

In 2016, the race recovered its original name: “Gran Canaria ‘Mayor Alcalde Camilo Sánchez Memorial’ Marathon”.

Our organisation and the Island Council of Gran Canaria (Cabildo) decided to make this change so as to emphasize the link between this race and the Gran Canaria Marathon enabling athletes to measure their strength in the face of the star event.

What’s more, participation was encouraged with the option of taking part in both races for a single registration fee of 30 €.

Some changes in the course map, thus offering a flatter route than in previous editions, turned our race into an attractive challenge for many athletes. Indeed, over 1900 runners registered for that edition.